V-Cytomel (T3) 25


Pack: 30 tabs (25 mcg/tab)

The recommended dosage is 75-100 mcg per day.It’s the upper limit. If you take more then 100mcg/day it will might cause loss of muscle and strength.And it can be taken up to 9 weeks. But, the most common usage style is 3 weeks on, 3 weeks off and 3 weeks on.



T3 Cytomel

Liothyronine Sodium is commonly called as Cytomel, Tiromel or T3 in internet market. Cytomel is a fat loss steroid, provide really very fast weight loss.Therefore, it is usually preferred just before going a summer holiday by the people who has problem with their weight. Its drug class is thyroid agent. Cytomel actually is not manufactured as direct, it is converted from T4. Cytomel cause an increase in basal metabolic rate in this wise you lose smoothly weight. This increase is a completely metabolic activity, has many different benefits for your body.For example, cytomel boosts to synthesize protein of your body.In this way, you could get better results in the matter of getting muscle mass¸even though fat-burning is the first aim athletes are seeking with using cytomel. This effect can be observed at low doses. At high doses, you cannot feel that effect, it will result in a decrease in muscle mass but, if it is used together with anabolic steroids it is unlikely. In my opinion, if you decided to begin a serious diet you should additionally take cytomel. It will definitely be a good choice. Furthermore, cytomel also enhances level of human growth hormone.


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