– Where can I buy Crypto?
You can buy Bitcoins and Litecoins from any of the following sites:

  2. Coinbase
  3. Abra
  4. Localbitcoins
  5. Bitcoin ATM
  6. Coinstar
  7. Paxful

– Why should I buy from you?
We offer high quality AAS, hGH, Peptides and Sarms for a reasonable price. We’ve been in the industry since 2005. Everything is done anonymously and we would never sell or release your personal information to anyone. Our e-mail and website are hosted offshore. 

– How long will it take to receive my Order?
Domestic USA It will take approximately 1 week from the time payment was sent.

Hilma International about 2 weeks.

– How much do you charge for your shipping and handling?
$30.00 Domestic

$35.00 International

$60.00 Combine (if u order domestic and international in the same order)

– What type of payment do you accept and whats the min i can order?
Bitcoins ($250.00), credit card and bank acc ($250.00), Western Union (orders over $950.00 only).

– Do you accept Western Union, Money Gram, Walmart to Walmart or Cash by Mail?
WU only accepted at our discretion, in orders over $950.00

– How do you ship the products?
Discreet Shipping same use for all the online stores like amazon or ebay.

– How long would it take for delivery?
Domestic It will take about 5 business days International 12 biz days after the order is shipped, depending on the shipper used. Weekends and public holidays do not count as a business day.

– Do I get a tracking number once the order is shipped?
Domestic You will not receive tracking number. International you will.

– Can I have the products mailed to a P.O. Box?
We can have the products delivered to any P.O. Box or Mailbox.

– Do you guarantee your product?
Yes, we do. We stand behind every product we sell. Please submit a ticket here if you have any issues or concerns.